Registration of your valuable yacht ( boat) can be quick and simple. For a flat fee we will file the appropriate paperwork. 

We are offering you few of the most convenient places on the market to register your valuable yacht. Prestigious banner at reasonable cost is the main reason why so many client have choose us during last 20 years!

Privately owned yacht: 

Although cheaper it means that your name shines in the register. Anybody could see that you own the certain yacht and delivers you to the full liability. This is the main reason why majority of the yachts are corporate owned.


Corporate owned yacht:
If you decide to form a corporation to own property like yacht, aircraft or real estate there can be tax advantages and you can limit your personal liability. Incorporation can give your business credibility, prestige and substance. A corporation has certain tax advantages; the owners and directors can be protected from personal liability; and the business can raise capital through the sale of shares of stock.



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Fair winds and following seas!