We can help you expand your business. We can help you make a decision and find the right consultants. The global marketplace can be a lucrative arena.
International trade opens up more doors for people. However, it can also be a dangerous place. You may need the guidance of a consultant to
avert disaster. We can make your life easier. We can help you understand the details of customs and how to meet their requirements.

We can help you find trade in other countries, set up meetings, negotiate deals and work on long-term goals. It is difficult to do business in another country without experience. This is why we recommends seeking the advice of consultants. Consultants can help your
company meet regulations and avoid heavy fines. It is crucial that your business has a comprehensive knowledge of international trade before expanding into other regions. You do not want to face the problems associated with violating treaties, customs or other laws. They can be costly and potentially destroy your reputation.

International Representation:

Representing your Company in Slovenia, Croatia or Hungary can avoid many of the shortfalls, costs and issues associated with short-term representation.


Understanding how your market works and what customers want is vital. Industry analysis, desk
research and customer research help you identify where to focus your efforts and how to maintain a competitive edge.

What is market analysis?

A full market assessment provides a wide range of information to help you plan your marketing
strategy. While simple data such as market size may help you decide whether the market is worth investing in, you also need to know how the
market works: for example, the main distribution channels and the key market trends.

You need to understand what customers want and how they behave. For example, you might use consumer
research or industry analysis to investigate which factors influence purchasing decisions. Research into competitors and what they are
offering can help you identify where the best opportunities are and how you can differentiate your product or service. You can also use market research to establish the best sales and communication channels for your target audience.
If you serve a niche market or a defined geographical area, some data may only highlight the
big picture but ignore important exceptions. More than 25 years of business experiences in wholesale business trading gives us ability to
offer to our clients consulting on following activities:

  • Market research,
  • Feasibility Study,
  • Commercial partner research
  • Sales and distribution networks creation
  • Promotion and advertising